GS 1100
GS 1100

GS1100 GUARDSCANĀ® is a Patrol Tour Data Collection Terminal based on RFID technology.Ā  It is so-called GUARDSCAN because its function is to scan RFID tags and store their ID-codes in a journal memory, together with the Date/Time stamp. It helps you watch over your employees that have had difficulties to track those whose working duties require moving from place to place, such as security personnel patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote equipment inspection/maintenance, etc. Now thanks to the GUARDSCAN, you can verify what jobs your personnel have done throughout the working shift.




  • Every tag reading feedback with vibration design
  • One-touch operation
  • Journal memory: 14,320 records
  • Use One Alkaline Battery,replaceable and easy to replace
  • RS-232 interface or USB
  • Wide operating temperature: – 10 to 55 Deg. C
  • Up to 50,000 reading scan on a full heavy-duty battery



Available versions
GS1100: RS232 downloading
GS1100U: USB downloading
TAG50A:RFID Tag for checkpoints