Moobing Attendance System Visual EffectMOOBING Premiere Attendance System makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. It calculates for you employees work hours, overtime, tardiness and allowances based on their clockings.

With user-definable policy formula for attendance pattern you could create unlimited pattern of attendance pattern for your employees working classifications (break down OT, allowances and deductions). Any changes of government or company policies, all you have to do is changing the attendance policy formula.

Differentiate working shift pattern for your employee groups make it easy when employee changes shift (artificial intelligent implemented for auto shift rotation based on IN and OUT Time).

With double shift*) capturing feature, System are able to cope with employee works for 2 shift in a day.

Able to interfacing to any kinds of Time & Attendance machine such as : Finger, Bar code, Proximity, Mifare, HID, Palm and pupils verification machine.

With Premiere Attendance System, you will be free from all manual calculations and be able to focus on other value-added activities.


  • User-definable shift pattern
  • Auto shift rotation with Pattern-Matching Implementation
  • Group Schedule policy for Security Guard
  • User-definable Attendance Policy formula (set daily Overtime, Allowances and deductions condition entitlement)
  • Automatic or Manual OT approval feature
  • Able to differentiate between Attendance and Overtime cut off period
  • Interfacing to all kind of T&A Machine (Finger, Bar code, Proximity, Mifare or even pupils)
  • Direct link to MOOBING Premiere Payroll System
  • Visual Effect enhancement : Incomplete attendance records highlight and Overtime hours exceptional cell color effect
  • Split Shift*) Capturing Feature: Able to cope with employee works 2 shift in a day.
  • Employee Pre-schedule time table (New Feature)

*) Terms and Conditions apply