Employee Break Time Management module is a simple add-in module that record employees break time when they slot out for break and come in back to work after break. It makes easy for HR users to control the total break time of employee. System able to define the total break tolerant per break session. The variant of the break time can be deducted as employee deduction.

Break Time Management Features:

  • Easy import and Wizard Employee Break Time data with a single click
  • Incomplete indicator with coloring highlight
  • Only generate break data when then slot data exist
  • Able to sort and filter as user preferences
  • Definable break time tolerant
  • Total break time variant accumulation per day and can be used as data analysis for employee behaviour
  • Synchronize total variant time to Daily Attendance Data for deduction

Using Moobing Break Time management System makes tedious task become easy. What are you waiting for call us for the detail.