Moobing Employee Finance is an add-in module that manage employee finance matter such as Loan, Medical Claim Allowance, Employee Optical Allowance, etc. This module are user definable by HR via finance category according HR need.

With monthly balance control for the finance, System able to identify the limit of claim with pop-up notification. Employee Finance also has auto schedule plan when the balance given or deducted to payroll allowance/ deduction.

Scheduling for payroll deduction

Using Employee Finance module makes it easier to control employee HR issue better.

Employee Finance Module Features:

  • Finance Category Configurations
  • Finance Beginning Balance for each category
  • Transaction Balance Top-up / Top Down
  • Auto Scheduling Plan given or deduct balance
  • Balance limit validation with notification
  • Monthly Balance Finance Category Data List
  • Link to Moobing Payroll System
Allowance claim validation against balance limit

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