ot-planningOvertime or time worked beyond a standard work hour workweek by hourly, non-exempt employees, can wreak havoc on the operating budget of a small business. While there may be times when overtime is necessary and cost-effective, overtime pay can begin to drain your bottom line if not managed correctly. Advance planning and scheduling can help reduce the need for employees to work in excess of their scheduled hours.

Overtime Planning is an add-in module to control weekly overtime of employee to certain amount of limit. This can prevent overtime loss and able cope with government labor law. Using OT Planning module you can prevent tedious manual task, save cost of paper and integrate to payroll system.


  • Weekly Overtime PrePlan by HR
  • Overtime Planning Wizard
  • Supervisor login for Overtime Planning
  • Supervisor cluster where Supervisors can only manage their own staffs/ Operators.
  • Alert when Overtime Planning excess the maximum daily limit
  • Actual OT comparison against OT Planning
  • Direct posting form OT Planning to Payroll Overtime Payment