Moobing OT Request

Moobing OT Request is online web-based Overtime application workflow, allowing all staff to self service for requesting overtime with paperless way. Employees can request overtime by providing reasons without disturbing the Supervisor, Manager or even HR department. Department heads will be able to approve, reject and check the overtime request of their staff at real time. Companies can expect to cut down on unnecessary administrative resources and be more efficient at processing overtime and payroll in time.

On behalf ot request application by Supervisor to request overtime for their staff if they don’t have access to PC/ computer.

Workflow email notification when applying, approving, rejecting or cancelling request of overtime. This make it easy for user to know their requests status without disturbing HR department.

One of the most sophisticated feature of Moobing overtime request is Supervisor or Manager able to view overtime request in calendar format, This gives users a big picture of their overtime in certain time of period.

Moobing OT Request features:

  • Easy submit request overtime
  • View OT Request status Approved, Rejected, Cancel and Pending
  • Officer entry OT request by supervisor if necessary
  • Email notification workflow for request status
  • Easy Supervisor and Manager access for OT request approval.
  • Mass Approve or Reject overtime request
  • Manpower force calendar view before and after OT request approval
  • Overtime Analysis by Monthly basis
  • Link to Moobing Attendance System for overtime calculation Daily Timesheet

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