epayslipSecure-ePayslips is a supporting module for MOOBING Premiere Payroll System. it configures the email and payslip password of each employee. Generate password-protected PDF file and attach to email client software. Creating payslips just in your finger tips. No more dot-matrix printer and paper payslips needed. No more noisy printer sound. 🙂


5 Reason to use ePayslip than Paper Payslip:

  1. ePayslips are more environmentally friendly than paper payslips.
    From wood pulp to the electricity required to drive the paper-production and printing processes, paper payslips use a great deal of natural resources. Since ePayslips don’t require any paper their impact on our environment is much smaller.

    saving gaia moobing premiere payroll system
    save our earth
  2. ePayslips are more secure than paper payslips.
    Data confidentiality is a major problem. Salary information is company confidential data. Distribute paper payslips sometimes could make mistake to unauthorized employees, this could cause company data leak. By using Secure ePayslips this issue can be prevented and lowered the impact as small as possible.
  3. ePayslips are more convenient than paper payslips.
    Avoid the clutter and hassle of paper payslips. You can access 13 months of ePayslips in your email account with just a few clicks. From there you can download ePayslips to your personal computer for permanent storage.
  4. ePayslips are faster distributed than paper payslips.
    Distributing paper payslips to a big company may takes days. Using ePayslips with a few click the payslips delivered directly to the inbox of the payslip owner. No wait and queue.
  5. ePayslips are easy to set up
    With just an easy configuration for email and payslips password. everything done in just a few click.

The idea behind Secure ePayslip is saving gaia campaign in a TV commercial break. Hope this small progress could make an impact on saving our earth.