payrollMOOBING Premiere Payroll System is an easy to use module calculate salaries and wages of employees. One-single click processing can get you salary calculation results within seconds.

Premiere Payroll system is developed to computerize the tedious task of calculating employees’ full/prorated basic salary, Overtime pay, Allowances, Deductions, Indonesia CPF Fund (Jamsostek) and Indonesia Tax Calculation (PPH21).

User-definable policy formula for basic salary calculation (Full/Prorated), Allowances, Deductions, Overtime (Indonesia Disnaker policy or company-own policy), Indonesia CPF Fund (Jamsostek) policies and even Indonesia Tax Calculation (PPH21 ~ Net, Gross Net or Gross Up; PPh21 Final tax for retrenchment; PPh21 Payment for Retirement Benefit, Pension, Pension Plan with one time payment tax calculation; and PPh26 Tax for Expatriates that work less than 183 Days) all can be formulated in Payroll Formula Configuration. So it’s very flexible and adaptable to government and company policies changes, all you need to do is changing the formula.

Premiere Payroll system is designed to handle accurate tax calculation native to Indonesia Tax Regulation (PPh 21). Proven tax calculation can make it zero over-or-less paid tax at the end of the year. No more worry for tax calculation.

Our new Zakat-enable feature makes it easy to calculate zakat 2.5% for Muslim employees. No manual external calculation needed.

Always Up to date to government regulation changes, start from 6 July 2015, MOOBING System is enhance with BPJS Pension calculation.

Even more, by using our Secure-ePayslips add-in module, it can save you time and cost. Password-protected PDF Payslip will be attach to email client. So no printer and payslip paper needed any more.

Using MOOBING Premiere Payroll System will get you well-organized, pay your employees easily, reduce mistakes, save time, money and our earth.


  • Integrated with MOOBING Premiere Attendance System
  • User-definable formula for allowance policy (full/ prorated according to conditions)
  • User-definable formula for deduction policy
  • User-definable formula for OT Rate (government or company policy) and OT Claim (government or company policy) formula
  • User-definable formula for Insurance/ CPF Fund (JAMSOSTEK)
  • User-definable formula for Basic Salary (full/ prorated according to conditions)
  • User-definable formula for Tax Regulation PPh21
  • Zakat enable (2.5%) for zakat calculation special for Muslim
  • PPh21 Tax calculation for Expatriate, Local, Mutation or Pass-away employee
  • Accurate PPh21 Tax calculation for newly join and resign employee.
  • PPh26 Tax calculation special for expatriate
  • Tax paid by employee or by company enable (Net, Gross-net or Gross-Up)
  • Monthly Tax Fictitious or Accumulative Method or even combination of the two (active employee using fictitious, resign employee using accumulative) annualized tax calculation.
  • Bank Transfer Data to BCA (BCA seal), Mandiri Bank, Permata, Citibank etc.
  • Payroll Statement Report, Bank List, Payslip, Jamsostek Report, OT Summary Report.
  • Insurance Reports : Rincian Iuran (Formulir Jamsostek 2), Join List Report (Formulir Jamsostek 1a) and Resign List Report (Formulir Jamsostek 1c)
  • Monthly SSP (Surat Setoran Pajak) Report and Monthly SPM (Surat Pemberitahuan Masa) Report
  • Add-in Module : Secure-ePayslips. Password-protected PDF Payslip will be generated and attach to email client such as MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Able to calculate New regulation for Employee Medical Insurance (BPJS Kesehatan) 4% paid by company & 0.5% Paid by Employee  ~ Regulation No. UU 24 / 2011 tentang Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) effective 1st January 2014.
  • Separate calculation between Employee CPF (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) and Employee Medical Insurance (BPJS Kesehatan) and additional BPJS Kesehatan Number fields
  • Employee Medical Insurance paid by Employee 1% Start from July 2015
  • BPJS Pension 3% (2% paid by company and 1% paid by employee) effective start from July 2015
  • BPJS Pension maximum limit age validation at 56 years old
  • BPJS Medical additional members direct deducted from Employee N*1%
  • PPh21 Payment for Retirement Benefit, Pension and Pension plan with one time payment (UANG MANFAAT PENSIUN, TUNJANGAN HARI TUA, DAN JAMINAN HARI TUA YANG DIBAYARKAN SEKALIGUS) Tax Calculation
  • Public Housing Savings Program (UU RI No. 4 Thn 2016)
  • PPh21 Government Tax Relief or Pajak Ditanggung Pemerintah (DTP Tax) PMK 23 Tahun 2020. NEW