Integrated with MOOBING PREMIERE Payroll System  PPH21 Yearly Tax tool is a tax tool calculator according to Indonesia Employee Tax Policy (PPH21). This fast and easy use tool can calculate employees’ yearly tax within seconds. It has user-definable formula for yearly tax calculation and able to cope with local, expatriate, mutation or pass away employee, all can be calculated accurately.pph21-yearly-tax-tool


Moreover, it has additional field for added Gross Tax calculation at the year end such as intangible allowance or so called “Natura” in bahasa Indonesia.

Nevertheless, PPh21 Yearly Tax tool able to export to e-SPT format in order to be imported to e-SPT tool from tax authorities.


  1. Integrated with Moobing Premiere Payroll System
  2. Fast, Flexible and easy to configure
  3. Summarized monthly payroll data either exclude or include December’s Tax
  4. User Definable formula for yearly tax. it can be in Net, Gross Net or Gross up tax calculation, or even more complex with Net calculation for normal tax and Gross up for Bonus Tax.
  5. Able to cope with local, expatriate, mutation or pass away employees tax calculation
  6. Total monthly Tax Paid and Yearly Tax calculation comparison in data sheet format
  7. Additional for Intangible Allowance so called NATURA
  8. Over and less paid tax variant information
  9. equipped with eSPT Query Tools that able to export to Yearly e-SPT format
  10. Monthly summary Tax data by Employee and by Period
  11. Head count comparison monthly tax data against yearly tax data
  12. Data comparison Monthly Payroll Tax data VS Yearly Tax Data
  13. Summary Gross and Tax Paid comparison : Monthly Payroll VS Monthly SSP (Surat Setoran Pajak) Reported to Tax Authority
  14. Duplication record checker of Monthly and Yearly Tax Data
  15. Missing Employee Record monthly against yearly data