A lot of employees in an organization use canteen services as they do not have the means to prepare their own food or are unable to get it.

Organizations with large numbers of employees cannot handle a canteen with manual processes. They need a centralized canteen management system that promotes efficient operations to cover a large organizational workforce.

Scan Point

MOOBING Employee Canteen Management helps companies to simplify their canteen management operations. By offering a solution which is easy to install, run and maintain. It supports multi-tenant canteen providers, easy to configure and paperless solution.


  1. Multi Tenant Canteen Providers
  2. Easy to configure and setup
  3. Meal shift feature, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Supper
  4. Tapping and automatic credit reduction
  5. Scan Point for meal
  6. Employee Canteen and Meal Report
  7. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Meal and Canteen Report
  8. No need manual voucher

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